Hello, my name is Ksenia Gorokhova. Currently, I am in my fourth semester of studying communication design at the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Schwäbisch Gmünd. Before that, I interned at the Kestner Gesellschaft, an art gallery in Hannover, and studied philosophy and English. In my free time, I love to go for long walks in the Swabian countryside.

You can find out more about me ︎︎︎hereor you can also ︎︎︎contact me directly!
Otherwise, feel free to scroll down and browse through my projects.

Social Distancing, Distant Socializing

Completed in my second semester. The magazine “COVID-19” consists of six chapters. I designed the third chapter and coded the corresponding website, specifically dealing with social distancing.


Completed during the international design week at my university. I explored the conceptual and aesthetic relationships between human and artificial intelligence crafted design and designed some posters using artificial intelligence.

Marmalade, “Die Oberschicht fürs Brot”

Completed in my third semester. The aim of this exhibition was to convey the diversity, origin and categorisation of jam.

Swinging in 2020

Competition entry. To celebrate the Tate’s collection, young creatives were invited to respond to a series of artworks. A curated selection of entries were featured on billboards across London, including my entry responding to Wassily Kandinsky’s “Swinging”.

photography by Kevin Lake

photography by Kevin Lake